Interactive Whiteboard

AIO Keyboard PC

SWIZ's sophisticated technology now integrated all desktop PC function to a regular size PC keyboard but never sacrifice its efficiency. This profoundly design empowers the following features:
Maximum cost saving : Lower purchase cost than a desktop PC with a keyboard, and much lower cost than a notebook PC.
Maximum space saving : Take the same footprint as your existing computer keyboard, release the room been occupied by the desktop PC, give back the space for your arms and your legs.
Maximum Energy saving : Laptop CPU and system components entirely in the system, total power consumption no more than 50 watts, save 80% power compare with a 300 to 400 watts regular desktop. You save power and save the world.
Fashionable outlook design : Aluminum alloy like case and rubber feel wrist rest surface treatment, your taste diverse to your entire house by connects to a silver-black color LCD monitor.
Easy access to peripheral : All the external ports just under the fingers, such as USB, LAN, earphone and microphone ports can be achievable without bend your waist.
Easy upgrade internal parts : Only 4 screws to conjunction the upper and lower case, easy to fetch major parts inside, you can swap or upgrade such as CPU, DDR memory or hard drive just in a few minutes.

Optical camera module


The UMPC with Head Mount Display (HMD) is the world pioneer integrated micro display technology into PC world with a VGA (640 x 480) resolution. It creates the effect of a virtual 60" diagonal display viewed from a 2.5meter distance. The HMD requires only 3.3 V power and video input, can be used in both NTSC, PAL, SECAM formats, and has low power consumption (960 mW). It is integrated into a lightweight (70g without cable), includes two CyberDisplay VGA displays, backlights, drive electronics and a pair of 32deg field-of-view optics with large eye relief (20 mm) and pupil size (10 mm). The displays are precisely aligned to the optics and to each other for viewing comfort. UMPC with HMD upsidedown the UMPC market with small display, it's 60" virtual reality can make you immerse in PC world and leave you have your own privacy. SWIZ Computer has proved herself is the world pioneer of the niche market.

Intel 915GM+ICH6M

All-In-One Mini PC

Thanks for new chip technologies and Swiz's high integrity engineering, this Mini-AIO not just save 80% more space but giving more features that traditional desktop lack of, such as DUAL Gigabit LAN, VGA/DVI/S-Video Output, Removable 2.5" hard drive, Legacy PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard port, Slim SATA Optical drive, Wireless LAN plus Bluetooth, etc. No matter for office, home or industrial purpose, this 8.25"x5.5"x2.5" enclosure can easily sitting on desktop, TV closet, or built it into other application environments.

All-In-One Tiny PC

SWIZ's Tiny All-In-One PC is the "Optical Drive Less" version of SWIZ's Mini AIO, it reserved all wonderful features of the Mini AIO, such as DUAL Gigabit LAN, VGA/ DVI/ S-Video Out, Removable 2.5" hard drive, Legacy PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard port, SD/MMC Card Reader, Wireless LAN and Bluetooth, etc. Dimension of Tiny AIO shrunken to 7.1"x 5.1"x 1.8" (180mmx 130mmx 45mm), makes it easily to mount behind the LCD monitor, completely free the space from the ground up. Since the unit is such small can put into any carrying bag, would be an ideal replacement of notebook computer for one who dislike the dark small display and toy feel keyboard.